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Ghughra Fall

Ghughra Fall

Ghughra Falls is a place in Jabalpur District of Madhya Pradesh in India the natural fall is one of the most beautiful waterfall near Jabalpur.

Ghughra fall waterfall is the most popular and a must visit place near Jabalpur. It takes 20 minutes to travel from Jabalpur to Ghughra Falls. Jabalpur and Ghughra Falls is 17 kms or 10.6 miles or 9.2 nautical miles.

On the banks of Narmada, there is a ghughra waterfall  of the west, which is a few steps from the Lameta Ghat and is half a kilometer away. The road to cement remains to reach the ghat. The natural beauty here attracts the mind. Due to the waterway being the rock, the width of the river is low and it flows at a rapid pace as a small waterfall.

Near the Ashram ghat has been made which can be visited through the Ashram. There is a huge blue stone in the river, which is called the Nilgiri Mountains, next to it is the Lameta Ghat. Water is calm down due to the excess of river length below.

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