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Osho Amritdham

Osho Amritdham

A unique event has happened here, is happening and will continue to happen in this picturesque surrounding hills of devtal. OSHO was such an ascetic who trod the hilly terrain and transformed it into a sanctified ground by his life of austerity. 

His organic energy can be experienced even today. One can attain peace by being immersed in “DHYAN” amdist the exotic experience of “OSHO AMRITDHAM”.

The nature has abundantly blessed the region, with exquisite flora and funa including the inanimate rocks invariably adding to the beauty of the “AMRITDHAM” gives the :AMRITDHAM” an ethereal appearance.

This place came came into exitance and developed by “Swami Anand Vijay” under the guidance of OSHO.Eversince “DHAYAN” has continued to inspire the seekers. “SATORI TEMPLE”, SAMADHI CAVE, NADKUMBH and GLASS PYRAMID are main attractions.

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