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Bhedaghat Water Fall

Bhedaghat Water Fall

It’s a spellbinding experience to see the marble rocks accompany the graceful Narmada river in Bedaghat, Jabalpur. These tall mountains, are known to magically change shapes as you sail along the river.

The calm Narmada throws in a beautiful surprise as she descends a massive 98 ft. creating the spectacular Dhuandhar falls. While nature flaunts its beauty, the magnificent Chaunsath Yogini Temple, dedicated to the goddess Durga, will take you back in time with its inimitable artistry.

The beautiful sights of Bhedaghat will definitely put a smile on your face, bringing alive the child in you.

Bheda Ghat is situated approximately 25 kms away from the city center. Clean, transparent and calm water of the Narmada bounded by the attractive rocks of soft marble, are enchanting. It is believed that in the ancient times, a great saint Bhrigu Muni had meditated here, that is why, the name was Bhrigu Ghat. Later, with the passage of time which has now changed to Bhedaghat.

Their are 3 important tourist attractions in Bhedaghat: The Bhedaghat, Dhuandhar Waterfall & Chousat Yogini Temple. They all are spread in a stretch of approx 3kms and can be visited in a single trip. Bhedaghat is the site from where we can do the boatride in Narmada river and can see the natural marble rocks and do its photography. Dhuandhar is a small water fall where river water cascades down and generates water-fog. It is a photogenic point. Third important place to visit is Chousat Yogini temple, located in hill-top where we can see significantly carved Yogini statues of 10th century.It is popular as a venue for Narmada Mahotsava organized on full-moon night in Sharad Purnima festival.


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