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Bandar Kudni Noka Vihar

Bandar Kudni Noka Vihar

Monkey’s Jump, known and called as Bandar Kudni in local parlance, is situated at a little distance from Dhuandhar. At this place, straight and high rocks are located opposite and very near to one-another. The monkeys jump from one side to the other that is why the name Bandar Kudni is given to this palace. However, this scene has  become very rare. When you take a ride between marble rocks on a boat, there is eternal silence when the boat crosses river and the driver says that this is 400 feet deep explaining the beauty of River Narmada flowing between marble rocks. Once upon a time the two mountains of marble rocks were so close that monkeys used to jump from one mountain to another. Hence that place is known as BANDAR KUDNEE. When we go a long distance till Bandar kudni, there is pin drop silence and the river also seems to be still. Feeling which can only be experienced.

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